For those of you new to MyUntangled Life since I wrote my first installment of “Andy at the Altar”, welcome. For those who are regulars, yes, I am a) still alive and b) still getting married. As some of you may know, a lot goes into planning a wedding, but, at times, there are lulls and not a lot of activity. I suppose it all depends on how far out your wedding date is, mine being about 6 months.

Since I last left you, not a whole lot has moved forward with the exception of prepping the Save-the-Date cards, which, may I add, have taken more time than they probably should have1. What really took up so much time? For us, it was due to three variables. The most important for starters was the guest list: who to consider, who to invite, and ultimately, yes, who to drop2. And the photo for the Save-the-Date card, just setting aside the time to have the bride’s sister capture the perfect shot took longer than expected. Last, but not least, the gathering of the mailing addresses3. Want to talk about a “welcome to the 21st century” moment? Look no further. Like many people I know, my address book isn’t necessarily tangible, it’s located online, and typically only filled with email addresses. So where does one resort to for that kind of information? If you guessed Facebook, your parents, and the soon to be in-law’s, you’re correct. Thankfully everything, on that end, is coming together nicely.

So where are we at? As of this writing, the envelopes have been ordered and the cards have been designed, with many thanks to a friend who is a Photoshop whiz. Only two tasks remain, one for the tech guru of the house and by trade, myself, and that is to compile all the mailing addresses4 in Excel, mail merge them to Word, and print them out on your standard 8160 Avery Address Labels. The other is the printing of the cards themselves, to which there has been much debate as to what kind of paper to use: glossy or flat? My preference, as you may have guessed, is no preference. I mean, we are talking about a card that will find a home on somebody’s fridge and then the recycling bin. My fiancée on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same way. So will it be glossy or will it be flat? I’ll fill you in on the decision when the next post occurs…which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

1The last four months to be exact.
2A decision still being weighed.
3Still in process.
4Going well, so far.