I was recently presented with the opportunity to write a review for ScoreBig.com and for me, this was perfect timing. In the near future, I was going to be purchasing some tickets as part of my ongoing Christmas gift for my boyfriend, which you can read about here. (Since this is still a surprise for my boyfriend, I will not be mentioning any details of the specific event we are going to. Sorry!!)

I started by choosing the event and the date that I wanted to purchase tickets for. After that is where things start to get a little different. You then look for the seating area that you want to be in, and the sections are divided by a rating system they call “star seating”. 1-Star seats are the least expensive, 2-Star is the next level up, 3, 4 and so on.

ScoreBig Star Ratings

They show you what the full ticket price for that seating area is so you know what you would pay if paying full price. Once you choose your desired seating area, you click on “make offer”. This is where this site is really different from others. You enter in the amount that you would like to pay for your tickets, and when you do, they let you know how likely it is that you will receive those tickets for that price.

ScoreBig Make an Offer

Once you are happy with your offer you review it. At this point you need to create an account and enter in your credit card information. If your offer is accepted your credit card will be charged right away for the amount that you offered. If your offer is not accepted, you need to wait 24 hours before you can place another offer for the tickets. So be sure that the amount you enter is your best and final. After your offer is accepted, you are done!

I have some pros and cons for this website. I like that you can purchase tickets for less than the face value. Tickets for any event can be costly so this is a great tool for you to name your own price. Especially if you are on a budget but would still like to have a night out. You also don’t have to pay any processing or shipping fees!  Those fees alone can boost your final ticket price up another $10-$15.

Great Seats. No Fees.

My con is not being able to know where my seats are before I am charged for them. Yes I picked a general seating area that I would like to sit in, but I don’t know exactly where I am sitting till after my offer is accepted and my credit card is charged. I like to know exactly where I will be sitting before I make a purchase so I wasn’t a fan of that.

Overall, however, I had a great experience with ScoreBig.com.  It was very easy to use and I am happy with the amount of money I did save.  I will be using and recommending this site in the future when purchasing tickets.

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The Fine Print

Michelle did not receive any money in exchange for this review. She did, however, happily take a discount voucher from ScoreBig.com to test out their site and order tickets. We only review products if we like them, (otherwise it just makes for a bummer blog post).[/pl_alertbox]