Recently, I decided it was time to clean out and reorganize my closet. With doing that, I had a lot of clothing that I put aside to sell on eBay. For a while, I put my piles on top of a dresser in my office. There wasn’t much organization to it and it was driving me crazy because I had to keep trying to figure out what I had taken pictures of, what had/had not been listed, what had been sold etc.

Tips for selling on ebay

The piles kept getting moved around and I couldn’t keep anything straight. I was getting annoyed and I needed to figure out a solution.

I decided to put to use this 3 bin storage container that I had around the house.

ebay organizing bins
Each bin would be for a different step in the eBay process. One bin would be for items that I already “listed”. And the other two for items that are “to be listed”. I was going to make one for “items to take pictures of” but I have done this step already with everything that I have.

I then took a note card and folded and cut it into thirds.

how to organize ebay items

I wrote, “Listed” on one and “To be listed” on the other two. I then attached them to the bins with a binder clip and started to fill the respective bins. I like using a note card with the binder clip because if I want to, I could easily change them out as needed.

Ebay Organization Tips

And here is my new system for keeping my eBay items organized and corralled together.

ebay selling tips

This was a quick and simple fix.  I next need to work on organizing my shipping supplies and keeping track of sales.

Are you a seller on eBay? What are some of the things that you do to keep your listings organized?