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Chip-Chop: A Dog’s Quick Guide to Using Chopsticks

Some people think I am a German Shorthaired Pointer while others think I am an Australian Cattle dog. I am not really sure of my background but I am quite certain that I love Japanese Kobe beef. My humans rarely splurge on Kobe beef so sometimes I enjoy a nice New York sirloin steak or Top Round Roast. No matter the cut, I enjoy eating beef that much more when I use chopsticks. I know, I know, how do I use chopsticks without an opposing thumb? Well you will just have to watch the video to find out! [pl_video...

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Puppy Service Announcement

To all the pups out there I want to remind you how important it is to eat your veggies. They are nutritious, delicious, low in calories and loaded with vitamins. I love carrots. I eat them in all kinds of shapes and sizes: shredded, rippled chip, cooked and frozen. My personal favorite is the succulent and sweet baby carrot. They are always a treat to eat. Baby carrots require a two-step process so I have included a video how-to. As you will see in the video first I break the baby carrot in half. I eat the first half...

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