A (may someday be) weekly round-up of links or peeps or places or things around the interweb, that caught our eyes or ears and that we think is worth sharing! Share all this good link love with #thingsworthsharing.


Some folks are addicted to their coffee but I am definitely a tea drinker, even though I love the smell of coffee being brewed or the beans being ground. This tea made out of coffee caught my eye and I’ll be on the lookout for it in real life to give it a try.


This interview with Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa is great. She describes why her recipes work. Also, she started a blog. Who knew?


I started a profile on Swap.com forever ago and forgot about it. Since I am trying to read a new book every month I came back to the site. What you do is create a profile and add music, books, video games, movies that you have and are willing to part with (good way to clean up!) and then you add music, books etc. that you want. If there is a match to something you have and want with someone else then you can trade the items. I have done half a dozen trades now and I love how easy it is. Find me at michelle2621.


My mom and dad seem to spend a lot of time looking at pictures of dogs and I don’t blame them, of course. If you share this pastime check out the Weather Puppy app. Currently available for iPhone only, they’ve got an Android version on the way AND a Weather Kitty version!


We’re a little blog with big dreams and in 2013 we’re focusing on taking a jump to the next level. We’ve had guest bloggers here in the past but haven’t done a lot of guest blogging ourselves, yet! Sure we’d like to get on Martha Stewart and Mashable right away, but baby steps and consistency is what it takes to rise up the ranks of the blogosphere. This (guest) post on BasicBlogTips.com is not only a great resource, but a perfect example of how it’s done.