Long before Xbox, Super Mario, Facebook games and the millions of apps for mobile devices, there was a funny little red toy called the Etch A Sketch. I was never able to master it (or really even produce anything half decent) but that didn’t stop me from spending hours trying. A few months ago inventor André Cassagnes passed away and the New Yorker Cartoonists put forth a very funny tribute they called Kvetch A Sketch.


Do you wait eagerly every year for the new IKEA catalog? Do you flip through it imagining how your life might be more organized and cozy? Now you can imagine what that experience has been like through the decades. Behold the evolution of IKEA catalogs. What I really want to know is whether or not the store has always had that intoxicating cinnamon roll smell.


This is one of those things that you love to hate. Essentially a coffee table book, this dictionary that uses Google Images for the definitions makes you aggravated someone actually took the time to create it but at the same time you’re aggravated it wasn’t you because it’s really kind of cool.


Unlike this dog, who likes to blog (and compose haiku), cats seem to want to prevent people from writing. There is a whole website devoted to cats on laptops. It turns out, that this mischief has been happening since the 15th century. Who knew? I could teach them a thing or two.


Pinstrosity is a HYSTERICAL site that is essentially a blog showcasing how and why “pins go wrong”. Learn from the mistakes of others before your next pinning project!