Have you been buried under a pile of work recently? I have! It has been a crazy bunch of weeks in the MyUntangled world and I find the best remedy for stress is definitely humor (actually the best remedy is probably alcohol but I digress). So…to start off this edition of Things Worth Sharing, I offer up You Had One Job. It’s my kind of meme site all the way, filled with brilliant distractions of insanely easy jobs humans just couldn’t seem to pull off. I can’t look away.


Like the writers at theKitchn, I have also found Rachael Ray’s garbage bowl to be one of the simplest tools to make cooking efficient. Without this, I feel the counter is less tidy, my movements increase, and there is a greater likelihood of some discarded bit making its way into a dish. If you haven’t tried this, please do. I bet you’ll quickly adopt this practice too.


I like to play by the rules, if at all possible. Sometimes we use images in our blog posts that other folks have created and allowed to be used through a Creative Commons license. I found this really handy infographic about Creative Commons license with all sorts of great tips and details from foter.com.


If, like me, you are a fan of dystopian novels (ex. 1984, Brave New World, Zulus), then reading Feed by M.T. Anderson is a must. The population in the prosperous 1st world America of Feed all have a built in “feed” connecting individuals to a never ending stream of what can be compared to the contemporary internet. Relationships, amongst other things, are not based on intrinsic worth, but rather materialized worth. At its core, Feed begs the reader to examine the epoch we live in now and what could be in store for us, if we continue to stand by apathetically, as morals and ethics decline while objects take their place.


I am completely smitten with Today’s Letters. It is a sweet and uplifting blog about a married couple and their journey through life together.


My mom, dad and most of the neighbors seem to think I live the good life. I thought so too, but then I came across this article about pet owners in Japan and the types of homes they are designing with and for their furry housemates. I expect the architect to arrive any day now!