A cat named Harry Truman


These cats are descendants of Ernest Hemingway’s cats and get to roam around his house (now a museum) in Key West. That’s the life!


I’m a big fan of the TV show Project Runway, and no it’s not ONLY because of Heidi. I also happen to be a fashion addict and would wear a different outfit everyday if I could! Anyway, one of things I like about the show is their obnoxious product placements (OK not really), particularly when it comes to technology. The use of tablets and touch screens and custom printed fabrics has grown through the years, but this 3D printed “tech-couture” is something new and very cool. Makes you wanna pop your collar!


Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the short sleeves in the summer breeze. Whatever it is, I think this gorgeous, newly-released video of New York City in 1939, filmed using 16mm Kodachrome, the first commercially successful amateur color film, is just so sexy.


Whenever I freeze strawberries, they always freeze together in a ball. This might seem simple but I am glad that I saw this step-by-step for how to freeze strawberries.


Many of us have loved E. B. White’s writing. This longish post recounts writer Mira Ptacin’s visit to the area in Maine where White lived and wrote. The photos convey a sense of what inspired him and, in turn, Ptacin.


By far one of the most exciting websites I have shared so far. duoLingo is a website for learning a language completely free. That’s right, you read that correctly, FREE! I know what you’re thinking “Can it really be that good?” Well, if you have ever heard of a little program called Rosetta Stone, you know that one that costs hundreds of dollars. Duolingo uses the same exact principle, but is free. The best part, is that there is a mobile app for it for both iPhone and Android.

Photo Credit: Rob O’Neal/Florida Keys News Bureau/AP