A (hopefully) weekly round-up of links or peeps or places or things around the interweb, that caught our eyes or ears and that we think is worth sharing!


I am never surprised yet always delighted to read about human beings discovering artistic inspiration in their canine companions. There is no better muse if you ask me! Perhaps you or your two-legged friends would enjoy one of the dog-inspired art happenings going on in New York this month.


Ran across an article about this house and the blog documenting the renovation of it. I am ready to move right in. the finishes, the art, everything seems to have been chosen for me!!


Little Monsters rejoice! Mother Monster is coming back on tour. Earlier this week, Lady Gaga released the stage set up for the “Born This Way Ball” Tour 2012-2013 along with the first 11 tour dates.  Can’t wait to see this concert!


I’m still thinking about Madonna’s half-time show from the Super Bowl last week. NPR’s pup-culture blog, Monkey See, had a great post about Madonna’s performance and career. It has some of her videos embedded as well. Definitely worth checking out!


There have been lots of articles written about the national foreclosure settlement that was announced last week, a Federal lawsuit that Massachusetts participated in. Unfortunately, as with most Government programs, there is lots of fine print and an equal amount of red tape. A dedicated website has been set up to help folks discern if and how they can receive assistance.