A (was meant to be) weekly round-up of links or peeps or places or things around the interweb, that caught our eyes or ears and that we think is worth sharing!


I came across this on Pinterest and the text intrigued me so I had to see what it was all about. “Don’t Work. Be Hated. Love Someone.


This charming letter from Beatrix Potter contains the first sketches of Peter Rabbit. The site has lots of other fascinating letters worth seeing as well.


June is National Pet Preparedness month so for the last few weeks my mom has been busy putting together an emergency kit suggested by the American Humane Association. She has also been practicing doggy CPR on me. I have to admit that this CPR game is a little awkward. Mom gives me kisses on my mouth which I love and presses on my side which I don’t love. But, all I have to do is lay down and rest so altogether it’s not a bad deal. Why don’t you be the superstar trendsetter at your doggy park (or kitty lounge) and be the first to have an emergency kit ready? Be prepared because it’s better to be safe than sorry!


I’ve often wondered what happens to my emails after I hit send (besides the fact that most of the time they end up at the inbox of the recipient). The Story of Send from Google is something you can watch just because it’s cute and so darn clever, but I also learned some cool stuff at the same time.


If you need a real quick way to convert text between lower case, UPPER CASE, Sentence case and Capitalized Case, convertcase.net works like a charm. You can download or copy the text right to your clipboard and there’s an extension for Chrome which works great for me so far.