A (was meant to be) weekly round-up of links or peeps or places or things around the interweb, that caught our eyes or ears and that we think is worth sharing!


If you were lucky enough like me to have had a family member who loves to cook, there are a lot of foods that are strongly associated with that person. For example, my grandmother’s pot roast was one of our favorite foods. I cannot imagine another version coming close to being as good as hers. Unfortunately we never had her walk us through how she made it. There wasn’t a recipe; it was years of cooking experience and intuition that guided her. However, I was fortunate enough to have had her show me how to make her delicious chocolate frosting. She even revealed her secret ingredient (cold coffee). If you have informal family recipes you’d like to preserve, thekitchn.com just had a great post with tips for doing so. http://goo.gl/BHmpA


I don’t *mind* going to the grocery store, particularly compared to several friends who say they *loathe* this necessary evil. There is always room for improvement though and this post from lifehacker has some great tips about ways to save time and money when grocery shopping.


Around the Boston area there have been plenty of big box stores opening and closing in recent years, but libraries have only strictly been closing as local budgets cuts mount. I was fascinated by this WebUrbanist story about an abandoned Walmart in McAllen, Texas which now houses a 124,500 square-foot public library.

McAllen Public Library

Image via City of McCallen