#Halloween 2014
When I was growing up, all I thought about during Halloween time was what to wear, how much candy to steal from the bowl in my own home, and how would I best avoid getting egged by the neighborhood bullies. Times have changed for this old man and though I don’t trick or treat anymore, I recently read that Halloween has turned into an 11 billion dollar industry. WOW, it’s no wonder folks are going all out each year to create bigger and creepier attractions. No matter where you are across the country, there are plenty of ghouls and goblins ready to scare some of those big bucks right out of you so it seems fitting to start our roundup with one from the Travel Channel and their Best Halloween Attractions of 2014.


I HATE spiders. The littlest one will have me jumping and running away.  If I saw any of the scenes from this dog spider video in real life, I don’t even know if I would be able to breathe!  It is very funny, though, watching the reaction of others.


If ever there was a time to play with your food, this holiday is it. This Halloween Peeps Cake from Pint Sized Baker rivals some of the entries in the Washington Post Peeps Shows. These Monster S’mores look pretty tasty too.


I think that any pumpkin would look better as a cat. Don’t you? (Just don’t dress me up like The Bloggess did to her cats.)


You may have noticed that my mom likes to dress me up all year long so Howloween feels a lot like St. Patrick’s Day, or Labor Day to me. I used to think I was the only hound that lived like this, but that all changed when I found ma_hovina on Instagram. My long lost family is out there playing dress up just like me!

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