A (hopefully) weekly round-up of links or peeps or places or things around the interweb, that caught our eyes or ears and that we think is worth sharing!


This post was one of the few things that I really and truly enjoyed reading on the web this week. E.B. White was one of my favorite authors as a kid. His animals were so real, so vivid to me. No wonder seeing how much he cared for them. (Thank you to @yellowcardigan of http://www.heypais.com for sharing this link via twitter.)


I’m really into infographics lately. The combination of data, pictures, and lots of colors makes me very happy! Oh… and you can learn a lot from them too. This weekend I came across this one on Millennials and how they are on course to radically change the way all consumers behave towards brands and vice-versa.


I’m on the email list for the United States Humane Society and they asked me to spread the word about showing your furry friends some love. Check out their Be My Valentine online store, there’s even people gifts and every purchase helps!


I can easily get caught up in watching cat videos on the web. I just love them. And these cats at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa bring it to a whole new level.