Ahhh…the holidays are here, or is it The Holidays? Either way, everywhere you look we crazy Americans are making our lists and Evernotes and hitting the highway both on and offline to shop for those we love or in the case of a Yankee swap, for those we don’t even really know.

The MyUntangled crew is not immune to the mayhem and this year we decided to share a few of our favorite things in a series of 12 posts we’re calling “Twelve MyUntangled Holidays”. As Chief Geek, it’s fitting that I was elected to start things off so here is my list of the top 12 gifts for geeks in 2012.

1. Silver USB Cufflinks

USB Cufflinks

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been all dolled up at a meeting and reached for my cufflinks only to find they didn’t have any storage. OK, so that’s never happened…but that doesn’t stop me from thinking these 2GB USB drive cufflinks are the perfect gift for the well-dressed geek. Available at UncommonGoods.com, they’ll even engrave my initials on them for you!

2. HDMI Pocket Projector

HDMI Pocket Projector

When I was growing up, one of the quickest ways to clear a room at my house was when my father broke out the slide projector and said anything that began with “Let’s look at slides from our trip to…”. This projector is something quite different, plug it into your phone, tablet or laptop and it’s sure to draw a crowd. Available at Brookstone.com.

3. Super Mario Bros. Wall Decals

Super Mario Bros Decals

Long before folks started calling it the “man cave”, geeks spent half their lives huddled in darkish, usually out-dated and smelly spaces to play board games, video games, role-playing games…you get the picture. Thankfully, HGTV has changed all of that and the new normal is to have a tricked-out space to hang. Enter Super Mario Bros. reusable wall decals from Blik.

4. LED Menorah Kit

LED Menorah

The traditional Menorah involves candles and fire but doesn’t address a geek’s inner need to put little pieces of things together to create a new, electronic version of something that has worked just fine for centuries! Celebrate the Festival of Lights Lite-Brite style, courtesy of MakerShed.com.

5. Periodic BeEr Glass

Periodic BeEr Glass

When I was a young geek, the perception was that we didn’t drink or smoke or talk to girls or even really shower for the matter! I think geeks of the world owe many thanks to the craft-brew industry and home-brew phenomenon, ’cause a geek that can make a good beer can always make new friends. This pint glass from ThinkGeek gets the conversation and the party started.

6. Repurposed Floppy Disk Notebook

Recycled Floppy Disk Notebook

I came across these awesome little geekbooks on Pinterest and immediately had one of those “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that” moments. Handmade with repurposed floppy disks and 125 sheets of recycled paper, choose from a variety of colors made by Fishstikks on Etsy.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Flash

Victorinox Swiss Army Flash USB

I’m not sure if they’re a traditionally geeky item, but I have always loved Swiss Army knives and think they’re super cool and uber functional. Their new Flash collection rocks by bringing you the well-known tools like the screwdriver, blade and scissors, with the added features of a ballpoint pen and 32GB of USB storage. Available on the Swiss Army website.

8. Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp

I used to play Tetris so much that I’d fall asleep, dream, wake-up and still be putting blocks together in my mind the whole time. This light comes in 7 separate pieces that light up as they interlock with one another. Shut up!  Get one on Amazon.com but you’ll need to supply your own Russian soundtrack!

9. Floormat

There's no place like Floormat

You may or may not be in Kansas, but Toto and others can wipe their feet and feel right at home at your home in Geekland. Give a gift that says you’re the localhost with the most (internet protocol humor, that is). Available at Thinkgeek in floormat as shown, or as a T-shirt.

10. Magic Cube Projection Keyboard

Magic Cube Projection Keyboard

Today’s entrepreneurial geek is always on the go and though lots can be done on phones and tablets, my chubby fingers often need to dip into Starbucks or Panera to use some bigger keys. This awesome little product from Celluon projects a full QWERTY keyboard that connects with almost any device and operating system. Yup, lasers rock.

11. Touchscreen Cashmere Gloves

Touchscreen Cashmere Gloves

Gloves and socks are still staples of holiday gift giving, but geek chic is something I’m still getting used to. Don’t let your loved ones fall victim to la grippe, these cashmere gloves are designed for touchscreens so your fingers can do the swype-ing all winter long. From Hammacher Schlemmer.

12. World of Geekcraft

World of Geekcraft Book

And finally… if you’ve gone through this excellent list of gifts for 2012 and still can’t find something for that certain geek in your life, tell ’em to make their own gift! And help them get started with this book of 25 projects with step-by-step instructions and templates from Perpetualkid.com.

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