You might remember from my post last year that I have a problem with buying Christmas ornaments for my tree and as gifts for others. My first purchase this year was made while the Halloween candy was on the shelves. (In fact, it might have just hit the shelves.) And though I told myself that this first, early purchase would be the last for myself for the year, I have since purchased at least four other ornaments (though some might be turned into gifts).

We've Gathered the Best Christmas Tree Ornaments on the Internet! - MyUntangled Holidays

Here are the ornaments that I like the best from my searching this year. Some are handmade, some from local shops, others from some bigger names. Many are animals (of course), a few have a retro feel, some are shiny, and others are white like snow. All of them would be welcome to hang on my tree.

  1. Handmade Owl Ornaments (from oktak)
  2. Santa Kitty Embroidered Christmas Ornament (from The Merriweather Council)
  3. Felted Wool Cupcake Ornaments (from Made in Lowell)
  4. Goody Gumdrop Shop Christmas Village Ornament (from the Christmas Spirit Shop)
  5. Porcelain Woodland Sitting Bird Ornament (from Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics)
  6. Silver Fox (from Jonathan Adler)
  7. Star and Snowflake Christmas Ornament Set (from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store)
  8. Any of these Mimi Kirchner ornaments — the raccoon might be my favorite (from West Elm)
  9. Woodcut Baker Ornaments (from Crate & Barrel)
  10. Glitter House with Santa (from Pottery Barn)

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