Introducing…the MyUntangledIntern! I live in a small town, with one small post office that everyone goes to. In said post office there is an employee who everyone chats with because of her sparkling personality. That person is now the first, official MyUntangled Media intern. Turns out she is also on her way to a degree in Marketing and when she reached out to me and inquired on the possibility of interning with us, I figured I better say yes for fear she may go postal! She pitched the idea of a post about holiday shipping with USPS and I couldn’t be more proud to hand it over to Kaley – please make her feel welcome!!

Christmas National Lampoon Style

That’s right…Christmas is right around the corner. Black Friday is almost here. My list has been made and the maps of my favorite stores have been downloaded. Walmart and Target offer free map downloads Walmart Store Map, Target Store Map and the best part of shopping on Black Friday is scoring the amazing deals. Although, you do have to put up with very long lines, navigating the aisles alongside overzealous shoppers, and avoiding shopping cart collisions. I will never forget my first Black Friday extravaganza. I watched as two extreme shoppers battled it out over a blender. They were throwing elbows and trying to run each other over with their shopping carts while vying for the last door buster of a deal on blenders. I did not understand this behavior as a child.

Holiday Cocktails

As an adult I completely understand the importance of a good blender, especially after shopping on Black Friday.

Sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa, and singing Christmas songs with friends and family are the most enjoyable parts of Christmas. But the really hard part is trying to ship all of your presents to your loved ones or friends. This is where I come in. I am here to help you save money on shipping. I have been working for the USPS for over three years. Although Christmas is the USPS busiest time of year and some postal workers can be Scrooges, I take pride in having fun at the post office during the Christmas season.

The lines at the post office will be very long and we will do our very best to save you money. If you use the following tips it will make your trip to the post office faster and cheaper.

If it Fits it Ships

This is a great shipping option for those needing to ship across the country. For just $17.90 you can ship all of your schoolbooks back to Irvine, California from the Tar Heel state.  You can also mail all of your baby toys to Portland, Oregon for just $12.65. I believe that all sunglass repair shops are located in California, but no worries, you are in luck. For $5.95 your favorite pair of Ray-Bans will make it to the repair shop.

Priority Mail

Priority mail is our most popular shipping service and with good reason. It comes with free tracking. You will be able to watch as your package travels from the Tar Heel state all the way to the big Apple.  You also get peace of mind knowing that the USPS insures every priority mail with $50. I have been described as impatient one or two hundred times. I have always used priority mail because it gets my gifts into the recipient’s hands quickest. Priority mail is reasonably priced as well. The rates start at $6.00 and go up depending on the weight and distance of the package. The delivery on priority mail is 2-3 business days.

Standard Post

For those who are super organized and get their shopping done early, Standard Post Delivery is a good option. The price is normally about $5.00. It is cheaper than priority mail.  Delivery takes 7 to 10 business days because it travels via truck. You will still be able to watch as your package travels from the Tar Heel state to the Lone Star state with free tracking. This is a very good option if you are mailing me my huge, heavy, and really big Christmas gift.

First Class

First class is a great option for your small or light weight packages. It is the most economical way to ship a package. The price starts at $2.32. All packages under 13oz (a can of coke) can be shipped first class. Since you have already picked out my diamond necklace, you can ship it first class. Do not forget to add tracking for $1.05 so you can see all the different states it travels too. Also, you can add insurance to cover lost or damaged.

USPS Christmas 2014 Shipping Dates

If you are unsure of what to do just put the item in a cardboard box and head to your local USPS where staff will help you make the best shipping decisions. It truly is better to give than receive. I love to give your holiday packages the best care so your friends and family will receive them in time for Christmas.

I have had several customers head over to FedEx and UPS thinking they will get a better shipping deal only to return an hour later. I think it is my sparkling personality that brings them all back to my line. Others seem to think its because the USPS has the best shipping prices. Either way, I am here to help make the holidays a little jollier for you and yours.