I love surprises. Sure, most dogs thrive on routine and I am no exception. My days are fun yet predictable: walks, belly rubs, chow time, long naps, sweet kisses from mom (my favorite), sound of dad snoring (not my favorite), sleep, wake up and do it all over again. When something unexpected comes along in my life to break up the mundane, I am beyond excited. Nervous, happy, pee kind of excited!

When the kind folks at CloudStar.com approached me to do a review of some of their Wag More Bark Less products, I leapt off the couch at the chance. My first order of business was to do a little research on the company. I nosed around their website and discovered that Cloud Star began their wholesome, healthy dog treat line with a product named the Buddy Biscuit. It may be coincidence or kismet but it is kind of neat that I began my residency in Massachusetts at a shelter called Buddy Dog. This had me feeling like my buddies from Cloud Star and I were off to a great start.

Wag More Bark Less - Cloudstar Dog Treats Review

My treat package arrived quickly and quietly. It is interesting to note that a new delivery guy started servicing my area around the same time my Cloud Star package arrived. He seemed to intuitively know – or had he been warned? – to drop the package at the garage and slowly back away toward his truck. Either way, this simple, smart act he delivered along with my treats made me immediately Wag More and Bark Less. Thanks, new delivery dude.

Okay, okay, I am getting to the good stuff: the treats! I received a box of Wag More Bark Less Oven Baked Dog Treats in the Pumpkin Pie Recipe flavor. Mom is kind of a stickler when it comes to ingredients and she was thrilled with these all natural, wheat-free treats. With glee she read off some of the ingredients: barley flour, oatmeal, rice bran, pumpkin, whole oats, and chickpea flour. Those words made her happy which meant I got to move on to the taste test. Finally! I am happy to report that the Pumpkin Pie Recipe treats boast a nice crunch to go along with their delectable flavor. I look forward to trying the Apple Smoked Bacon, Chicken Pot Pie, and Peanut Butter Cookie varieties soon. Very soon. Like, if you are reading this please arrange for a delivery, okay?

Moving on to the Wag More Bark Less Soft & Chewy Dog Treats. I received two varieties of these soft and tasty nuggets of a dog treat: Apple Smoked Bacon and Peanut Butter Cookie. The fact that chickpeas are the first ingredient listed in these natural and wheat-free treats made mom ecstatic. She is a chickpea kind of chick. Whole chickpeas go in a whole lot of her favorite recipes: chilies, soups, lasagnas, and salads. Given this, I may have tasted a “just dropped on the kitchen floor delicious and nutritious” chickpea or two in my time. I am happy to report that my new favorite soft dog treats have chickpeas as a main ingredient. The Apple Smoked Bacon has a sweet and smoky flavor while the Peanut Butter Cookie has a sweet and nutty flavor. The Chicken Pot Pie and Pumpkin Pie Recipe varieties are on my “must try soon” list as well.

Ruby the Sommelier - MyUntangledLife.com

Some people have me confused with a sommelier because during my walks I am often overheard rejoicing, “smelly, yeah!” I am not in the business of pairing wine with food, but in the spirit of being a good sport, I highly recommend pairing any of the Wag More Bark Less treats with a clean bowl of H2O from the 2013 Household Tap Collection.

PS Thanks for the Wag More Bark Less stickers and magnets. I have put them to good use!

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