People seem to be decorating for Halloween more and more each year, I like to think of it as a costume for your house. Some people go with cute pumpkins or happy ghosts while others go for the zombie crawling out of the ground and animated coffins ready to make you jump.

Was just out and about with my sister, enjoying an absolutely amazing Columbus Day weekend. The weather with temps in the 80s and no humidity, was the kind you wish you could bottle and take out as needed, come next February. We saw lots of houses and yards already decorated for Halloween. One we drove by had over 50 witches, black cats, cauldrons, you name it. The kind you know the neighbors are sick of looking at after about 5 minutes. My sister said, “It looks like Halloween threw up there”.

I think most people are going for the haunted house look. I just did a search for “outdoor Halloween decorations” that brought up results, heavy on the spooky and creepy like “Hanging Bloody Zombie Torso” and “Skull on Jaws with Two Hands Prop”. We saw everything from flying bats to inflatable graveyard scenes. One house that we happened to see, was a side by side duplex, and was completely, and I mean completely, covered in that fake spiderweb stuff. I said to my sister, “At least they did the whole house. Nothing looks as stupid as half a duplex covered in spiders and webs and the other…” Before I got to finish the sentence, we saw one halfway up the same block, the left side swathed in fake cobwebs, the right side neat as a pin. My favorite part of all was the very real “For Sale” sign on the lawn in front of the right half. As if the neighbors just couldn’t stand it for another 5 minutes.