Every year I spend far more time than necessary looking for the perfect holiday card. (In fact, I have a whole Christmas Cards Pinterest board.) Most of the cards I receive now are photo cards, which I love; it is great fun to see how people change year to year.  Still, there can be something just as revealing about purchased holiday cards. It shows you the sort of message and image the sender chose to represent his or her wishes for the season.

When it comes time to chose a card, the first place that I look for cards is always Papersource. They have unique, very high quality cards.

My next stop is often the online shops for various art museums. The Museum of Fine Arts has a few cards that feature works from their collection, like these featuring Claude Monet’s “Snow at Argenteuil”, and others that are merely art themed, like these Andy Warhol Holiday Cards.  The New York Museum of Modern Art always has a stylish collection. This year, I am enchanted by their Pop-up Holiday Cards like this Santa’s Workshop.

Santa's Workshop Pop Greeting Card

Next on my list is the UNICEF shop. Every year UNICEF has a series of holiday cards that are both lovely and help to generate revenue for UNICEF. My favorite design this year might be this one.

UNICEF shop Holiday Cards

Here are a few others that caught my eye while searching around this year:

The Boston Ballet debuted a new production in 2012. They have taken some of the sketches for this version and created cards featuring Nutcracker characters and cards featuring scenes from the Nutcracker.

Every Christmas you can count on gnomes reappearing on the scene whether they be more modern or traditional. I sent gnomes last year, but one special recipient will be getting one of these two.

Rollin' with my Gnomies - Funny Holiday Greeting Cards

If you like kitties like I do, you might appreciate some of these adorable cards by artist Jamie Shelman. Cat lovers will have a hard time not sending the new Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Holiday Card.

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Christmas Card

If you are a dog lover instead, you can’t go wrong with these Black Lab cards or these featuring Rudolph the Red-nosed Dachshund.

If dogs and cats aren’t your thing, there seem to be animals for everyone. How about rabbits or birds or hippos or squirrels?

Handmade Holiday Cards

For those more literary minded, the Jane Austen Christmas Card from AmandaWhiteArt or this winter-themed quote from Edith Sitwell from em dash Paper Co. might be just the thing.

Edith Sitwell Quote  Holiday Card

Finally, this card featuring cookies and milk and this one with a creature stirring, certainly seem appropriate for Kat Treats. Season’s Greetings!

Creature Stirring Holiday Card - Perfect for Foodie Friends!

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