The story behind this blog. And who is Ruby?

Well since you asked… in early 2006 this geek (let’s call him Jacob) was working at a University and sitting fairly high on the hog after well over a decade in the information technology field. He was pretty burnt out but loved talking business, tech, music, and food with the college kids. Jacob always dreamed of running his own business and he saw those students as the spending power of the future, his R&D. So as a hobby, and a means of providing a desperately needed creative outlet, he began to teach himself WordPress. He got back to the basics of proper grammar. He started experimenting with things most folks had not yet heard of – like social media and blogging. And he set out to decipher the code to getting found on Google. (None of this was done during work time, of course.)

And then Ruby got sick. And everything changed. In 2008 my precious boy dog named Ruby (short for Ruben) was near death with a very serious complication of diabetes called ketoacidosis. Looking back, there had been symptoms, but in the moment it came out of nowhere. He was in the hospital for seven days. When he came home, he needed significant care – blood testing, a new diet, and two shots of insulin a day – for the rest of his life. Mrs. Jacob Clayton and I made a decision…and I never went back to the 9 to 5 again.

I hit the ground running from a home office and decided I would leverage WordPress blogging and SEO to develop a brand and acquire leads. I called myself MyUntangledWeb. At the time, most folks were still giving the cold shoulder to the mention of blogging as a viable marketing tool. But I didn’t care, and by 2009 my first real estate website had won an association of realtors website contest. One month later I was named a finalist for a national technology spotlight award.

So this is where the MyUntangled world comes to life.

By 2010 things were starting to come together, and a brand started to emerge. And in 2012 I officially founded MyUntangled Media, LLC, a boutique internet marketing and design firm. This is our blog. It serves partly as my personal rant and rave blog, and as a place to showcase awesome stuff and the talents of others. But most importantly, this blog will always be a place to honor this man’s best friend. Good boy, Ruby!