It’s time for this year’s edition of Yankee Swap gift ideas from the MyUntangled bloggers and we have even included gifts for pets with picks from Ruby and Emma. Whether you call it “Yankee Swap, “White Elephant” or “Secret Santa”, there are always things at every gift exchange that people fight over and then there are those that people can’t give away fast enough. So we have a bunch of “keeps” and a batch of “swaps” to give you inspiration.


6 Pack Plates
Keep: These Six Pack Plates from Crate and Barrel are chic and probably something that many at a Yankee Swap would like. Pair with a six pack of beer and you’ve got yourself a gift that will change hands many times.

Perfect Polly 2
Swap: If you haven’t seen the ad for Perfect Polly (or the hilarious bit about Polly on the Colbert Report), do yourself a favor and check out the site. Polly is a “Lifelike Bird [that] Gives The Joy Of A Pet Without The Work.” To me, Polly is one of the more hilarious gifts that could be swapped.


Cosmo Tape Dispenser
Keep: Who wouldn’t want to keep this adorable Cosmo Tape Dispenser with Scotch® Magic™ Tape? It would be a constant reminder that it’s five o’clock somewhere and to have a little drink after work, what’s it gonna hurt?

Yankee Swap Gift
Swap: I love bacon as much as the next person but I think having bacon scented spray freshener is a tease. I mean if you smelled bacon, wouldn’t you want some?! Sorry, this would go right back up for trade. (Editor’s note: can they really call something bacon scented a “freshener”??)


Keep: Some people may not believe me when I say this, but socks. At this point in my life, my sock drawer is just plain sad. Black socks for work, white socks for fun, it would be nice to spice things up a bit…especially if they were thermal.

Swap: I actually got stuck with this gift one year. They call it a corkcicle, which is no big surprise when you take a look. By far, the most useless item in my fridge.


Self Warming Pet Bed2
Keep: Once the tree is gone you’ll be missing a warm place to curl up and nap. If I brought this self-warming pet bed to a Yankee Swap, I’d be sure to fight to keep it!

Jeweled Cat Collar
Swap: Jeweled or not, Christmas or everyday, I’m not wearing or keeping a cat collar. No way. Swap.


Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Keep: I’m not a coffee drinker myself but I know plenty of folks who are. So I’d think a cold brew coffee maker would be something other folks would want to keep if they received it in the swap.

Ask Me Tshirt
Swap: I somehow missed whatever catalyst started the “mustache craze” of 2013. Everywhere I look, people have mustache jewelry, props in pictures, all sorts of ridiculous clothing like this flip-up t-shirt. I just do not get it and would certainly give this away.


Cloud Star Wag More Bark Less Dog Treats
Keep: Give me any flavor of these treats from Cloud Star, any day of the week, and I am automatically wagging more and barking less. It was love at first bite. These are a keeper for me.

Dog Slobber Hand Sanitizer
Swap: Since I sanitize my hands and feets (sic) and belly and other unmentionable parts with my own dog slobber everyday, I really have no need for this prepackaged slobber. This is a swap for me.

Jake Teamwork Demotivator
Keep: I’m a lover of sarcasm and irony and wit that is generally a little off the “mainstream”. Enter one of my favorite companies of all time, Despair, Inc. I gave their Teamwork Demotivator to a boss of mine at a company party many, many years ago and it was most definitely the hit of the day. I’m still waiting for the favor to be returned… hint hint…

Swap: I seriously almost jumped out a window and needed a pillow to land on when I first started seeing these all over the internet. The Ostrich Pillow was successfully funded by Kickstarter last year which can only mean one thing…humans really do believe they are justified in needing a dark, quiet place to sleep no matter where in the world they are, even at work. Lookout below…here I come!!!!